Cookie Policy

A cookie is a tiny data snippet lodged in your computer’s storage, chronicling your navigation antics on a webpage. This digital crumb trail ensures a personalized welcome on your next visit. Besides curating a tailored experience, cookies are adept at traffic analysis and play a pivotal role in advertising gambits. Virtually all websites employ cookies, posing no threat to your digital domain.

To curate your cookie consent, venture into your browser’s settings. There, you have the reins to grant or revoke cookie privileges, with an option to shun them altogether. Though, by continuing your online expedition without barricading cookies, you’re rolling out the red carpet for them. A full blockade, albeit, may hinder your access to certain web regions.

How do we use cookies?

They are our digital sleuths, tracing your interactions on our website. This reconnaissance aids in discerning user tendencies and in sculpting an enhanced website, products, or services to cater to your desires.

Cookies have two main personas:

  • Session cookies: These fleeting companions accompany you during your web session, vanishing as you exit your browser. They bear an anonymous session ID, sparing you the hassle of logging in on every page sans harvesting any personal data from your system.
  • Persistent cookies: Unlike their ephemeral counterparts, these linger in your computer even post-browser exit, ready to recount your preferences to the website upon your return. We enlist persistent cookies especially for Google Analytics.

The cookie community is further divided as:

  • Essential cookies: These are the linchpins ensuring a smooth sail on our website, especially when you’re on a shopping spree. They are indispensable and abstain from collecting marketing-centric information or tracking your digital footprints across the web.
  • Performance cookies: They are our website’s auditors, gauging visits, traffic origins, and spotlighting the crowd-pullers on our site.
  • Functionality cookies: These remember your choices, delivering a personalized user experience. They keep tabs on your preferences like news updates related to your interests, without delving into personal data.

Lastly, be cognizant that third-party advertisers on our platform may deploy cookies, which unfortunately, are beyond our jurisdiction. Their cookies are typically analytical or targeting-oriented, honing their advertising strategies.